Synergy-RF Automatic Detection

 The Evacuator Synergy RF heat detector site alarm can be wirelessly interlinked with 40 other Synergy RF devices within a single system. Designed to detect changes in room temperature, the heat detector is ideal for areas where fire detection is required but smoke, mist or fumes are regularly present. Upon activation, the RF site alarm sounds at 85dB and sends a wireless signal to all other linked non-detector alarms and triggers these too.

Key Features

  • 9V battery powered site alarm - requires no wiring whatsoever
  • Incorporates a heat detector to detect increase in room temperature
  • Can be wirelessly interlinked with up to 40 other Synergy RF devices:
  • Radio frequency range: 100m in buildings, 400m in free space
  • Ideal addition to a manual site alarm system
  • Designed to be ceiling mounted
  • IP65 rated for outdoor use
  • Provides low battery and out of RF range warning
  • Triggers all other non-detector site alarms to sound upon activation

Please note: Base Station units are not required for interconnection of other units, they provide additional benefits for system maintenance and testing. 

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Synergy Automatic Detection Instructions
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Synergy Heat Detector Datasheet
3122_Synergy-RF Heat Datasheet.pdf
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Synergy Smoke Detector Datasheet
3121_Synergy-RF Smoke Datasheet.pdf
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